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Greatness Channel

About Us

The Greatness Channel is a division of Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network. 

The Greatness Channel was created to take the message of unlocking the greatness of the church, nations, economies, leaders and individuals to the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take the message and grace of bondage to greatness to every nation in the world, and to see millions of people, churches, nations move from bondage to greatness through the programming of the Greatness Channel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create programming that unlocks the greatness in the church, nations, individuals, leaders and economies.

The Team

The Greatness Channel Team

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas.png
H. E. Ambassador
Dr. Andre Thomas


H. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas.png
H. E. Ambassador
Dr. Nina Thomas

Vice President/Content Creation

Lee-Ann Johnson.png
Lee-Ann Johnson

Operations Manager

Ann-Marie Eversley.png
Ann-Marie Eversley

Greatness Channel Live

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