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Lord Robert Orville Thomas Regester


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H. E. Ambassador AB Titus


Lord Robert Orville Thomas is currently a member of the International Association of Arbitration, member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and has an LLM Masters in International Law and PhD in International Law. Pursuing his PhD in International Trade Law, Mr. Thomas currently works as a legal consultant to several law firms in US, Europe, Middle East and the U.K. He has been a legal consultant in various practice areas of law which include Criminal, Corporate, Immigration and Human Rights.


He has over 15 years’ experience with legal procedures and court cases in International Law and within the U.K. 

Having worked in the public and private sector with several government officials, Lord Thomas has had several appointments. Lord Thomas sat as Judge Chief Justice for the Indigenous Cherokee Nation, he sits as Lord Chief Justice for the Sovereign Court of Polynesian Atooi Hawaiian kingdom, Lord Chief Justice of F.A.N.A. and Senior Judge to the Kingdom of Colonia St John
and is also a senior advisor to HRH King John.


In 2018, Lord Thomas was appointed as Judge Thomas for the Sovereign ICJ ICC. Judge Thomas was appointed Head of Legal Affairs for the Sovereign ICJ ICC, dealing with the financial sector for historical assets and redemption. In 2017, Mr. Robert Orville Thomas was appointed as Lord Thomas and as a Sovereign by the Sovereign ICJ ICC (International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court) in the capacity of a Notary and a certified Sovereign Underwriter under the section of the First Republic Registrars, dealing with the legalities of banking redemption and historical assets.


He was appointed the Chairman of Xrosspolination, an Arts Association and partners of the Royal Society of Arts. He is the founder of Global Legal Solutions platform, Make Your Complaint, and an adviser to several officials in the U.K. and internationally. Currently Lord Thomas is a consultant to Clean Energy Group DRENEL, helping with green energy initiatives across various continents, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.K.


Lord Thomas has worked in partnership with one of the Commanders of the British Empire (CBE), Mr James Brathwaite (and has done so for more than 12 years). He and his business partner, former U.K. Defense Minister, Mr Ivor Caplin, consults in a number of areas internationally. He was also appointed a UN Ambassador for WOLMI in the capacity of legal expert attached to the Geneva office.


Lord Thomas was equally appointed a UN Ambassador to Ho-Tak Security, as head of the legal department (dealing with matters of international security), New York Office and currently sits on several boards, both national and international committees, private companies and charity organisations.

H. E. Ambassador AB Titus growing up in Dubai for more than 40 years is a social advocate, entrepreneur and advisor to the royal family in middle east and Africa. He works with a wide network of leaders and influencers that covers 100 nations.

He serves as Trade Ambassador for His Royal Majesty King Adamtey Shai Kingdom Ghana, Chief Happiness Officer for Cultural Creative Studio, Board member of the Africa Epilepsy Health Trust under the patronage of HRH Prince Bandzile Dlamini, Kingdom of Swaziland, Senior Director of Barbados-based (PPP) project finance company with Caribbean Israel Finance Company and Advisory Board Member of Greatness TV Channel reaching homes through media platform with content in visual and audio content for inspiration and life coaching.

Titus believes in developing public-private partnerships with innovative structures that add value to economies and assist in nation-building via social, environmental and economic engagement. He is also a visionary founder of HopeWorks Foundation NGO reaching hurting and broken with projects focused on sustainable development.

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